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Positivity at your Fingertips


Unfortunately, the world that we live in today is more negative than ever before. From the media we view, to the news we consume, to the social media that we consume, we are surrounded by more negative stuff than ever. Our mission is to be the positive interruption of support, encouragement, and positivity that so many of us need in our lives. We believe that a small interruption of positivity can be a powerful change that can help us look at the world in a more positive light and approach the next moment differently. From helping you break negative thought patterns to helping us appreciate all the good stuff going for us. FRANSiS™ will be the friend who’s always in your corner rooting for you and is always going to be there to give you the little nudge of encouragement we could all use now and again.

Bring Positivity at your Fingertips

FRANSiS™ is a mental wellness company that stands out from the rest with its unique approach to promoting mental health and well-being. The company’s focus on positivity and encouragement is evident in its use of text messages that deliver daily doses of positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, and words of encouragement to its subscribers. 

In addition to its unique approach to mental wellness, FRANSiS™ is also noteworthy for its creators, Franklin “FRAN” and Alexa “SiS”, who have a passion for positivity and encouragement. The siblings recognized the importance of mental wellness in today’s world and knew they could make a difference. They saw the need for a mental health service that is easy to access, affordable and provides positivity, support and encouragement to its subscribers. Through their dedication and hard work, they brought FRANSiS™ to life and continue to strive towards its mission of promoting mental health and well-being for all. The company’s mission is a reflection of their personal values and goals, which makes it stand out from other mental health companies.

The concept behind FRANSiS™ is simple yet powerful. Subscribers receive a single randomized text message throughout the day with positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, and words of encouragement. These messages, known as EMIs, are designed to be received in the moment, providing a quick boost of positivity when it’s needed most.


FRANSiS™ utilizes the power of text messages to deliver positivity, encouragement, and support right to your fingertips.

No Apps. No login. No portal. No Download.

Text messages are read within the first 3-minutes of delivery.

American adults have a cell phone that can receive text messages

People report mental health improvement when receiving EMI messages