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We all deserve to feel supported, loved and cared for. Connection is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, it seems like that has been all too forgotten today. As we look out into the world, we see our friends, family, and community silently struggling in plain sight. More of us today struggle with the feelings associated with stress, anxiety, grief, and loss than ever before, and why shouldn’t we?

Have you looked around? From the news we watch to the media we consume or the social platforms we expose ourselves to, we are constantly under attack by negativity. It’s a wonder why we all feel so run down. It’s only natural. I guess we all keep hope that the next moment in time will bring something positive to share. Those positive moments are valuable. They lift us and bring us together. The funny thing is that those moments don’t have to be big, but they can even be tiny, like a smile from a new friend or a compliment interrupting our busy day and leaving us feeling happy and naturally human.

Today people can use those moments of positivity and support more than ever before. That is why we could not be more excited to introduce our approach to combating all those negative moments we all face. Our way to meet our friends in the busy world is with encouragement and support. Our way of spreading positivity, compassion, and love to as many people as we possibly can. Our newest brand, FRANSiS™.

FRANSiS™ is a Mental Health Wellness tool that combines the powerful psychology of EMI’s (Ecological Momentary Interventions) and the simplicity of text messages to deliver personalized daily mental health support to its subscribers in the form of positive, compassionate, and supportive text messages. FRANSiS™ will text you once a day when you are least expecting it. And that’s the point! FRANSiS™ uses the power of text messages to interrupt your day in a positive and supportive way.

We can all have rough days. It’s only human. But here at FRANSiS™, we also know that our days that turn into rough days don’t always have to stay that way. What if you were having a rough day and you heard your phone buzz out of nowhere, so you picked it up. On your screen, you see a text. It’s from your friend FRANSiS™, and they reached out to text you a friendly reminder of how awesome you are. That simple text caught your attention and helped you remember all the great stuff you have going for you in life.

At that moment, that simple message from FRANSiS™ started to turn your whole day around. You began to focus on the positive things happening to you, making you smile. Wouldn’t that be amazing? YES, IT WOULD BE! That’s the power of knowing that someone out there cares about you and is thinking about you. That is the power of a supportive friend who wants to see you as your most powerful positive self. That’s the power of encouragement and support. That’s the power of FRANSiS™. That’s the power of Positivity at your fingertips.