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Watch the video below on how to get started!

What Is FRANSiS?

Think of us as your new pocket buddy. We’re here to send you daily messages that’ll make you smile, think, or even have a mini aha-moment.

Worried about privacy? Don’t be! Your chats with FRANSiS are just between you and I. It’s like having a little diary on your phone.

So, whether you want to share a happy thought, a tiny win, or just need a moment to vent – I’m here for it all!

Ready to start? Follow the steps below!


How To Get Started:


Step 1: Save Our Number

Do me a tiny favor? Save my number! Why, you ask?

Well, would you rather get a text from a super mysterious number like 1(888)555-5555 (sounds like a bot, right?) OR from your new buddy, “FRANSiS™”? I mean, we’re kinda like texting pals now 😆


Step 2: Sit Back & Relax

With FRANSiS™, just sit back and soak in the positivity. Some messages might feel like a cozy hug, others might stir your thoughts a bit. When your phone gives a little buzz, it’s just me sending some good vibes your way.


Step 3: We’re Here For You

I’m here to be that gentle tap on your shoulder amidst the rush of life. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up, a heartfelt nod, or just a reminder of your own strength, I’ve got you covered. And the fun part? My messages pop up randomly, hoping to catch you at just the right moment. Consider it a surprise pep-talk!


Step 4: Always Your Safe Space

Hey, remember those old journals and diaries? The ones where you’d pour out your thoughts, no judgments, no filters? That’s me, but in your pocket.

Journaling is magic. It boosts emotional understanding and self-reliance. Every now and then, I’ll nudge you with a thought or question. Maybe it’ll get you thinking, or maybe you’ll want to chat back. It’s all up to you. And the golden rule? Everything you share stays between us.


Step 5: Consistent Growth

Ever feel like taking a trip down memory lane?

Simply scroll up in our chat. Every message and every shared thought is right there, waiting for you. It’s a little timeline of our journey together. Whenever you need a boost or want to see how far you’ve come, take a peek. It’s like your personal growth diary, reminding you of all the awesome strides you’ve made.