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FRANSiS™ is an innovative mental wellness solution that utilizes text messaging and Ecological Momentary Interventions (EMIs) to deliver personalized, positive messages to users throughout the day.

Our unique approach combines the convenience of text messaging with the proven effectiveness of EMIs to help users improve their mental health and overall well-being. When you sign up for FRANSiS™, you will receive daily text messages that are designed to boost positivity and improve mental well-being. These messages are randomized and may contain positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, or words of encouragement.

These messages are randomized and may contain positive affirmations, uplifting quotes, or words of encouragement. The messages are designed to be received in the moment, providing a quick boost of positivity when it’s needed most. They can be received on any mobile device, making it easy to access the positive messages no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


How We Work in Steps


 Save Our Number

Saving our number is important. Why? We are going to be here for you. Saving us in your contacts helps your brain associate us with others you trust like your friends and family. A text from “FRANSiS™ ” will feel a lot better than a text from a random 1(888)555-5555 number :).


Sit Back & Relax

Because FRANSiS™ was designed to help break negative thought patterns and deliver helpful messages to your fingertips, it means that you don’t have to do anything to benefit from our positive vibrations. Whenever your phone buzzes or you notice one of our messages, take your time in processing what you see. Sometimes the text will feel spot on, and other times they will challenge you think about how they can apply to your unique situation. The secret is to approach them with an open mind and heart and to relax and give your mind the time it needs to let them sink in. Take a deep breath, relax and just let your mind be. Your message will be silently working in the background for positive change :).


We’re Here For You

Our text messages are designed to be a light touch of support for you each and every day. We know life gets busy and sometimes stressful. To help create distance from some of those stressful moments we will send you a small message of support, compassion, empathy, or a simple reminder of how powerful you are at a random time of the day. We hope that our randomized message will be the perfect reset that you need to help you pause and recenter as you take on the rest of the day.


Go to Your Safe Space

Journaling has been proven to be an incredibly effective exercise to help us improve your emotional EQ and Independence. The simple act of documenting how we feel in a moment can be incredibly beneficial to our mental health.
Some of the messages we send you will prompt you for a simple response while other will be open statements that are designed to get your brain moving. Its never required that you respond to our messages, but we invite you to do, as we find those who do, have some of the best improvements in their personal growth.
Did you ever have a journal or a diary? We did, and we know that those items were sacred. FRANSiS™ treats your safe space journal the same way, we will never share, judge, or respond to any of your entries in your journal. This of this as a “For your eyes only” place for you to share your thoughts and feelings.



Want to see how far we have come together? Awesome, all you need to do is scroll back through your personalized messages from Fransis right in the thread. You’ll be able to see past messages and any of your safe place journal entries right where you left them. This is a great way to reflect on how much you have grown and look back on how much you have improved just incase you need a reminder.

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