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Mental Health in the African American Community: A Personal Point of View

by Keenan Hart

I'm glad you're here to learn about an issue that is so important to us all - mental health, particularly in the African American community. As a biracial man, I understand the complexities of race and identity, and I've seen the impact that systemic racism can have on a person's mental health.

The Impact of Systemic Racism on Mental Health


Systemic racism creates unique challenges for people of color when it comes to their mental health. Constant reminders of our place in society can lead to feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness that can take a toll on our mental well-being.

Additionally, internalized racism – the internalization of negative messages about one’s race – can also be damaging to our mental health. These factors make it even harder for people of color to seek help for their mental health issues.


Breaking Down the Barriers


Breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health is crucial, and it starts with talking openly about mental health in our community. Talking to friends and family members about our own struggles with mental health can help to break down barriers and encourage others to do the same. Open discussions about mental health can help to destigmatize the issue and encourage individuals who are struggling to seek out professional help. Simply being there for those who may be struggling with depression or anxiety can make a huge difference in someone’s life.


Accessing Resources


Another way to break down barriers is by accessing existing resources within our community. For instance, counseling centers or support groups specifically tailored towards people of color dealing with depression or anxiety-related issues. Knowing where to turn for help when you need it most is essential for maintaining good mental health, and making sure everyone has access to these resources is key.


My Mission


As the founder of FRANSiS™, my mission is to spread positivity and help people lead happier healthier lives. The understanding of the importance of mental health and that’s why I want to encourage everyone to prioritize their mental well-being. I believe that by working together, we can break down the barriers surrounding mental health and create a world where seeking help doesn’t have to feel scary or shameful anymore.


Let’s Start the Conversation


Mental health is a critical issue that affects everyone, especially the African American community. It’s time to start the conversation and break down the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help. Let’s destigmatize mental health and make sure everyone has access to the resources they need. So, let’s start the conversation and make sure that mental health is a priority for all.