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Automate & Elevate:

Transform Customer and Employee Experiences with Cutting-Edge AI

In a World That Wants Answers Now: Unlock Personalized Conversational Experiences 24/7 with Our AI-Driven SMS Automation Platform

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Human-Like Experience

Operational Efficiency

FRANSiS™ AI optimizes your operational workflows by automating routine questions and responses. This efficiency not only reduces the workload on your staff but also accelerates response times, enabling your team to focus on more complex and value-added activities.

Cost Savings

FRANSiS™ AI not only streamlines interactions but also profoundly cuts costs by minimizing the need for extensive staffing. By automating routine communications, we allow you to reallocate resources to where they truly matter, ensuring both your financial health and operational efficiency thrive together.

Secure & Intelligent Conversational AI

We’ll build and train your AI Bots

From start to end, the FRANSiS™ team will efficiently build an AI Bot for your business. Real-time training makes the Bot smarter and more stable.

Enterprise-specific knowledge

Seamlessly connect various types of knowledge data scattered across various platforms of the enterprise. Through the structured knowledge and recall mechanism of RAG, the response of AI is accurate.

Simple but powerful Agents

A simple command can make multiple Agents work together, plan and execute tasks autonomously, giving the enterprise an unlimited expert technical team and team skills.

Resolve 95% of Customer Support Inquiries

Have your own 24/7 AI-powered customer support system, fully integrated with a controllable knowledge base using your enterprise’s website data, documents, and spreadsheets.

Fast, Friendly, Helpful

This is the first product in my 33 years of working in behavioral health that I could see us using and implementing organization wide. FRANSiS™ has worked with Compass Health to tailor this project to fit the needs of those we serve while maintaining the human interaction necessary in our clients’ treatment plans.

Tom Sebastian

Compass Health CEO