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The Importance of Entrepreneurship and Family Memories

by Keenan Hart

As someone who has been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade, I have come to appreciate the opportunities and memories that come with this path.

Entrepreneurship is often defined as 


The creation or extraction of economic value, which often involves taking risks beyond what is normally encountered in starting a business


One of the most cherished memories I have is spending time with my family, especially my dad. Growing up, baseball was a big part of my life, every weekend we would travel to various states in the Midwest to play in tournaments on weekends. My dad was an amazing baseball dad, and he would make every effort not only to take me to these tournaments but also would sit front row.


But what I didn’t realize at the time was the sacrifice my dad had made in starting his own business and becoming an entrepreneur. He took a risk, and it paid off in more ways than one. He was able to provide for our family, take us on trips, and create memories that I will always treasure.


One of our traditions was going on a father-son baseball trip every summer. We would fly to different cities, visit iconic stadiums, and spend time with other fathers and sons. These trips were some of the best times I had as a child, and I will always remember the hot dogs, the catch in the street, and the games we watched.


Entrepreneurship, sports, and family memories are all intertwined for me. My dad’s willingness to take a risk and put his family first allowed us to create memories that will last a lifetime. Today, I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that entrepreneurship has given me, and I will always cherish the memories I made with my dad.